Our clinics are committed to building healthy & happy communities in Ghana.

Working in close collaboration with Ghana Health Services, our clinics are focused on providing community access to basic health care services and care to everyone that walks through our doors. Whether it is basic preventative medicine or more complex consultations, our unwavering mission is to help establish and build healthy communities that grow, live, and heal together.

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Our Clinic Services

Our services place an emphasis on the patient experience, guiding each through their unique journey of healing. To learn more about all of our health & community services, simply click the button below.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is understandable to have questions before visiting one of our clinics. Below are some of the basic questions and answers, but we welcome you to visit the clinic and ask questions in person!
01. How do I access the healthcare provided at the Yonkofa Clinics?
Worry not! Just walk right in during any of our clinics' operating hours and a clinician will greet you and usher you through the process.
02. Where are your clinics located?
Currently, we have two in operation in Western Region and two others are currently planned or under construction. If you are in need of care and live near Yiwabra Junction or Appiahkrom, simply walk right in!
03. What services do your clinics provide?
Our clinics offer local residents basic medical assistance and preventative care and our Yiwabra Junction clinic even offers basic lab services!
04. What should I bring with me to any visit to a Yonkofa Clinic?
If possible, we suggest bringing your identification card, your medical folder, and any medicines you are currently taking so the staff can carefully review your history and situation.


While FAQs are helpful, they cannot cover all questions and topics related to healthcare. So we have decided to build a knowledge base resource center that helps educate the community on all matters relating to public health and basic healthcare.

Donors & Volunteers

Interested in learning more about The Yonkofa Project and its network of clinics? Interested in helping? Simply click the link below to be redirected to the organization's website!