About Us

A global collaboration between Ghana Health Services & The Yonkofa Project.

For nearly 10 years, The Yonkofa Project has been coordinating and delivering much needed healthcare throughout Ghana. Now, as a result of the kindness of volunteers and donors worldwide, we build and operate community clinics in the areas that need them most. With more clinics on their way, the impact of this collaborative partnership with Ghana Health Services will continue to deepen.
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12000 +
Patients Treated
Our clinics have a wide reach in the region and provide care to people of all ages.
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148 +
Babies Delivered
Maternal care is one of our most important healthcare initiatives.
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2 +
Clinics In Operation
We operate 3 clinics with GHS and more are on they way!

Please visit one of our clinics to access basic healthcare or to simply learn what we're all about!

Basic health check-ups
Early illness diagnoses
Basic first aid care
Pre-natal & maternal healthcare & education

A professional healthcare provider with strong global support

WIth support from The Yonkofa Project & Ghana Health Services, our clinics are committed to delivering basic healthcare to its patients; medical equipment and supplies to its clinics; and education and training to its staff. To learn more about The Yonkofa Project, simply click on the button below.

Over the past decade, The Yonkofa Project has been working with local communities to deliver much needed healthcare.

Our story is begins The Yonkofa Project

For nearly a decade, The Yonkofa Project has been committed to delivering sustained healthcare to under-served areas.

From its earliest days of dispersing medical supplies to now coordinating a network of health clinics, our US- and Ghana-based team of volunteers, medical professionals and staff have been working tirelessly to deliver the best possible healthcare to all those in need. While all clinics have unique offerings, all are committed to serving each and every patient with the best care possible.
Our clinicians are people with strong ties to the community. Our clinics are intended to be centers of trust and care to everyone that walks through the door. And while each patient may have unique needs and each clinic may have specific resources, our entire network of clinics share the following commitment:
Carefully listen to patient needs.
Treat each person who walks though our doors with respect and dignity.
Carefully explain all treatments and instructions to patients before they leave.
Be part of the family and support community and governmental public health efforts.
Walk in!
Simply walk in during operating hours and check in with the local clinic staff.
Share Your Story
Discuss what is ailing you or a loved one and the details behind the history. We are here to listen!
Learn The Plan
Once you have been examined, discuss the suggested plan of action or referral to broader treatments and consultations with the staff before you depart.