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Kordjour Clinic Is Under Construction!

Kordjour Clinic Is Under Construction!
We have an exciting update for the town of Kordjour and its surrounding communities! Town leaders and the Yonkofa Project have been working together to bring one of our newest clinics to the region and we are pleased to announce the process is well underway! This particular project is unique because The Yonkofa Project is implementing a creative solution to help speed up the construction process and tailoring it specifically for the unique circumstances of Kordjour. One example is that the interior of the clinic was actually outfitted in the US and was shipped over to the site! Below is a picture of its progress as the US-team built the interior!

This clinic will serve the local community of Kordjour with much-needed care the moment its doors open.
― Dr. Gabriella Nanci

What is planned for the clinic?

Like all other Yonkofa Project-led clinics, this one will provide much needed services to everyone in the community. Some of the services that are often delivered in its other clinics, include:
Basic preventative check ups and consultations.
First aid & injury treatment
General healthcare and examinations for all ages
Maternal & pre-natal healthcare and check ups
Basic lab services
Periodic medical missions, education events, and vaccination programs