Clinic News

Welcome to our website!

We happily welcome you to the official website for the entire network of Yonkofa Project clinics in Ghana! Through the tireless efforts of a team of volunteers from The Yonfoka Project, the good folks at Ghana Health Services, and help from the US-based digital agency, Bonfyre Concepts, the community served by the clinics now has one centralized bank of information!

Having one reliable source of information will undoubtedly help local communities understand the services available to them in our clinics.
― Ofosu Okutu, Country Director

This website's objectives

Seeking medical attention for the first time or having some basic health questions can be intimidating. Our hope in maintaining this easy to use website is that people from every corner of the community can visit this one site to understand:
The services available to them at any one of the Yonkofa Clinics
Knowledge base and resource center regarding public health guidelines.
The exact locations of each clinic (and news about ones coming!)
Obtaining the forms needed prior to a visit to any one of our clinics
Access to the answers to some frequently asked questions (FAQs)
Special news and announcements about our family, community, and clinics!